Software Engineer, Innovator, Entrepreneur


For coming up with simple innovative user interface designs and quality software solutions to solve user's needs


Javascript Stack

Nodejs: Express, Feathers
App: React, Nextjs, Vue
Vis: d3, Vega-lite
Build: Gulp, Rollup, Webpack
ORM: Knex, Mongoose
Web: CSS, SVG, Canvas
Test: TestCafe, Tap, Jest
ML/NN: WebDNN, Numjs

Python, Database

 Flask, Django, Pylons, Jinja2
 Scrapy, Fabric Deployment
 TensorFlow, Numpy, OpenCV
 MySQL, Postgres, Mongo

AI Interests

Machine Learning
Deep Neural Network
Reinforcement Learning
Evolutionary Neural Network
Natural Language Processing


A web application to play against strong AI games.

The AI engine is created by studying DeepMind's AlphaZero research paper and implement it in Javascript.

Applied the AI engine to the game of Othello / Reversi.

Data Explorer

Creator of Patent Awarded Mind Map tool to help MetricStream customers understand and explore their data and relationships.

It was the highlight of the 2016 GRC Summit.

Photo Album

Created software to converts digital images to the undocumented format for the RCA e-book device.

Loading the file enables it to function like a digital photo album, giving it a new life and functionality it never had.

Projects, Interests

Programming Languages

Like using Crystal for its speed and syntax. Swift and V are on my radar.
For JS alternative, typescript seems best. Tried F#, ReasonML, and Dart via solving Advent of Code.

Tech Talks

Topics: Data Visualization, Cross-Platform Development, Laguages and Ecosystems

Self Driving Car Nanodegree

Term 1 Completion

Simple Physics Engine

A simple 2D Physics Engine in Javascript without external libraries or plugins, runnable in all web browsers.

Digital Image Processing

Image Binarization, Compression, Segmentation, Transforms, and Image Orientation Detection algorithms Implementations.

Book Reading Machine

Created a portable webcam with lense and lighting setup and software to join OCR outputs of small sections of text from VGA (1997) webcam and feed it to a text-to-speech software to read the document out loud. A trivial app in the world of smartphones, but a portable text reader did not exist at the time and non-portable ones cost thousands of dollars and requires a full size scanner.

Autonomous Robot

Built an autonomous ball-picking and path finding robot for the annual IEEE Robo-Rodentia Competition.


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA

M.S. Computer Science

(near completion)


Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

B.S. Computer Engineering


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