Software Engineer, Innovator, Entrepreneur


For coming up with simple innovative user interface designs and quality software solutions to solve user's needs


Soft Skills

Lead and Provide guidance for Successful Teams and Projects
Provide Simple, Innovative and Maintainable solutions to hard problems

Javascript Stack

JS/Typescript, Vite, React, Svelte, Three.js, Nodejs, Express, Supabase, Tap, Knex, TestCafe

Other Stacks

Python: Flask, Django, Pylons, Jinja2, Machine Learning, DNN
Database: Postgres, Mongo

Data Visualization



Created a new Innovative way to bring Origami Fold Creation and Learning online.

Enabling the creation of Origami Folds and Interactive Learning experience that was not previously possible.


A web application to play against strong AI games.

The AI engine is created by studying DeepMind's AlphaZero research paper and implement it in Javascript.

Applied the AI engine to the game of Othello / Reversi.

Data Explorer

Creator of Patent Awarded Mind Map tool to help MetricStream customers understand and explore their data and relationships.

It was the highlight of the 2016 GRC Summit.


foldMation, Projects

foldMation - Principal (2022 - Present)

2021 - Present

See above

Projects - Principal (2021 - 2022)

Created a Trading View-like Realtime Stock Charting and Management web application.


Sr. Software Engineer, Engineering Manager (2020)

2018 - 2020

Created and maintained the CQL Measure Execution Engine and Testing Framework for it.
Intergrated ThoughtSpot and Looker into our application.
Helped create UI and API for Measures and QCDR points calculation & submission and other parts of the application.
Architect our TestCafe UI Test suite to be configurable and runnable from a web browser.
Provide coding guidance and quality code reviews.
Head the hiring process; Work with Product Team on different initiatives.


Sr. Tech Lead


Designed and built Instant GRC - A web application to provision and manage MetricStream's application instances on the cloud.
Designed and built Data Explorer - A Mind Map Exploration Tool to help navigate user's data and relationships.




Maintained and ran various Wordpress and static sites.


Lead Engineer


Designed and built Livedoc - A new interactive document-like interface for online coding lessons.
Designed and lead team to build the Teacher and Student Dashboard.


Software Consultant


Designed and built CK12's student landing page - A dashboard to view their learning progress, results, and up-coming lessons.
Designed and built CK12's system admin application.




Created an event search and listing web application.


Senior Software Engineer


Built Nixle's geographical based message sending web application platform from only wireframes.
Designed and built the hierarchical targeted group communications system used by the Pittsburgh Police Department at the 2009 G-20 Summit.

Software Consultant


Implemented Times Series Technical Analysis algorithms for stock trading and simulation based on historical data.




Reverse engineered the undocumented RCA e-book device file format and created software to convert digital images to be loaded onto it.
Loading the file enables it to function like a digital photo album, giving it a new life and functionality it never had. Ouput includes Thumbnail indexes for ease of use.

Alcatel USA

Senior Electrical and Software Engineer


Designed company's core FPGA Chip used in its switch, enabling DSL services across the world.
Built the new switch firmware powering Alcatel's new generation of switches.

Logic Plus

Software Consultant


Designed the backup telemetry system for a government blimp project. System sends altimetry and heading information to a ground-based handheld device via calculations from blimp's sensors.

Other Projects

Tech Talks

Topics: Data Visualization, Cross-Platform Development, Laguages and Ecosystems

Self Driving Car Nanodegree

Term 1 Completion

Simple Physics Engine

A simple 2D Physics Engine in Javascript without external libraries or plugins, runnable in all web browsers.

Digital Image Processing

Image Binarization, Compression, Segmentation, Transforms, and Image Orientation Detection algorithms Implementations.


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA

M.S. Computer Science

(near completion)


Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

B.S. Computer Engineering


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